This section of the Voyages website provides resources for putting information in the databases into historical context. The materials presently consist of a database of images contemporary to the slave trade and a database of names of Africans rescued from slave vessels in the nineteenth century, during the period of suppression.
Images African Names Database
Representations of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, an activity that lasted for centuries, changed over time. With permission from various archives and libraries, selected images enable one to picture people, places, artifacts and vessels of the slave trade era. Links are provided to relevant voyages in the Voyages Database. During the last 60 years of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, courts around the Atlantic basins condemned over two thousand vessels for engaging in the traffic and recorded the details of captives found on board including their African names. The African Names Database was created from these records, now located in the Registers of Liberated Africans at the Sierra Leone National Archives, Freetown, as well as Series FO84, FO313, CO247 and CO267 held at the British National Archives in London. Links are provided to the ships in the Voyages Database from which the liberated Africans were rescued, as well as to the African Origins site where users can hear the names pronounced and help us identify the languages in which they think the names are used.