Variable list

The variable list provides summary information on variables of the Voyages Database in the "Search the Database" section. The variables are displayed here in the form of short labels. The second column gives their equivalents in the downloadable SPSS version of the database, where variable names take the form of acronyms. These names are also used in downloads of data for listings, tables and graphics from the website.

Variables without an asterisk are "data variables" - information as found in a primary source documenting a slaving voyage. Variables followed by an asterisk are "imputed variables." They include information, such as the mortality rate on slave voyages, that is calculated from data variables as well as information which, although not directly documented, can be supplied on the basis of patterns observed in data variables.

Ship, nation, owners
Voyage identification numbervoyageid34,946
Voyage in 1999 CD-ROMevgreen26,555
Vessel nameshipname33,352
Flag*natinimp33,417Flag regrouped into seven major national carriers
Place constructedplaccons8,888
Year constructedyrcons6,189
Place registeredplacreg7,228
Year registeredyrreg4,515
Standardized tonnage*tonmod16,655Converted to pre-1786 British registered tons
Guns mountedguns6,118
Vessel ownersowner21,070
Voyage Outcome
Particular outcome of voyagefate34,946
Outcome of voyage for slaves*fate234,946Derived from particular outcome
Outcome of voyage if ship captured*fate334,946Derived from particular outcome
Outcome of voyage for owner*fate434,946Derived from particular outcome
African resistanceresistance557
Voyage Itinerary
Place where voyage began*ptdepimp30,761Same as data variable in most cases, but derived from port of return for certain Brazilian voyages
First place of slave purchaseplac1tra21,255
Second place of slave purchaseplac2tra2,706
Third place of slave purchaseplac3tra506
Principal place of slave purchase*mjbyptimp26,639Place where largest number of captives embarked
Places of call before Atlantic crossingnpafttra1,673
First place of slave landingsla1port24,915
Second place of slave landingadpsale11,197
Third place of slave landingadpsale283
Principal place of slave landing*mjslptimp30,295Place where largest number of captives disembarked
Place where voyage endedportret10,645
Voyage Dates
Year arrived with slaves*yearam34,946Standard variable for classification by year of voyage
Date voyage begandate_dep22,231
Date trade began in Africadate_buy6,551
Date vessel departed Africadate_leftAfr8,072
Date vessel arrived with slavesdate_land117,533
Date vessel departed for home portdate_depam5,614
Date voyage completeddate_end10,414
Voyage length, home port to slaves landing (days)*voy1imp12,659Difference between date voyage began and date vessel arrived with slaves
Middle passage (days)*voy2imp7,002Difference between date vessel left Africa and date it arrived with slaves
Captain and Crew
Captain's namecaptain30,894
Crew at voyage outsetcrew112,656
Crew at first landing of slavescrew32,268
Crew deaths during voyagecrewdied4,438
Slaves (numbers)
Number of slaves intended at first place of purchaseslintend7,049
Slaves carried from first port of purchasencar131,874
Slaves carried from second port of purchasencar151,874
Slaves carried from third port of purchasencar171,874
Total slaves embarkedtslavesd8,272
Total slaves embarked*slaximp33,366Estimated embarkations
Number of slaves arriving at first place of landingslaarriv18,269
Number of slaves disembarked at first place of landingslas322,521
Number of slaves disembarked at second place of landingslas362,521
Number of slaves disembarked at third place of landingslas392,521
Total slaves disembarked*slamimp33,047Estimated disembarkations
Slaves (characteristics)
Percentage men*menrat73,404Captives identified by age and gender
Percentage women*womrat73,404Captives identified by age and gender
Percentage boys*boyrat73,403Captives identified by age and gender
Percentage girls*girlrat73,403Captives identified by age and gender
Percentage male*malrat73,891Captives identified by gender (males/females)
Percentage children*chilrat74,219Captives identified by age group (adults/children)
Sterling cash price in Jamaica*jamcaspr966
Slave deaths during middle passage*vymrtimp6,438Documented or difference between embarked and disembarked captives (data variables)
Mortality rate*vymrtrat6,404Slave deaths during Middle Passage divided by number of captives leaving Africa
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