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For purposes of calculation, estimates of embarked and disembarked slaves in tables, the timeline, and maps have not been rounded. When users cite any number, they are advised to round it to the nearest hundred.


Timeline: Number of Captives Embarked and Disembarked per Year

11525First slave voyage direct from Africa to the Americas
21560Continuous slave trade from Brazil begins
31641Sugar exports from Eastern Caribbean begin
41655English capture Jamaica
51695Gold discovered in Minas Gerais (Brazil)
61697French obtain St Domingue in Treaty of Rywsick
71756Seven years war begins
81776American Revolutionary War begins
91789Bourbon reforms open Spanish colonial ports to slaves
101791St Domingue revolution begins
111808Abolition of British and US slave trades takes effect
121830Anglo-Brazilian anti-slave trade treaty
131850Brazil suppresses slave trade
141867Last transatlantic slave voyage arrives in Americas
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